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What a day it was! Ms. Mitchell was right; I was exhausted at the end on my author visit, but all of it was worth it.

Humble ISD Elementary School second, third and fourth grade students dove with me into the deepest oceans to uncover the secrets of deep diving mammals. After that, we traveled to African deserts tagging along with scientists who worked with live-sized toy lions to reveal what the lion’s mane is for.

4 smaller Humble Elementaty April 20, 2018

The students were an amazing audience; attentive, curious, and they asked so many questions that I barely had the time to answer them all.

Thank you all for a wonderful experience!

“Teachers and students learned a lot and are excited to read your books; we already have a check-out waiting list!” Ms. Mitchell said later on an email.

What else can I ask for? Happy reading!


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